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Environmental and Energy Information

The battle against climate change is constant and our buildings are a major Co2 contributor, in the UK around 40% of all carbon emissions result from energy used to power our buildings this figure raises to 70% in our big cities.

Soaring fuel bills and the need for home information packs requiring energy performance certificates when we our houses means choosing our windows and doors has never been more important!

‘Liniar’ uPVC windows offer exceptional thermal performance throughout their life, have not cost the earth to produce, in terms of money or energy and can easily by recycled making it a very high performer in terms of sustainability and environmentally friendly compared to alternative materials.

The raw materials used to make ‘Liniar’ have been carefully selected to minimise any risk to humans and the environment; the uPVC profile is now manufactured without the use of lead, ensuring the health of all who come into contact with it.

energy-diagram-a.jpgENERGY EFFICIENCY

Now that energy performance certificates are required when you sell you home it has never been more important to choose your windows and doors more wisely, it could well make the difference between being able to sell your home or not!

Contact us for a free brochure fitted ‘towards zero carbon homes.
‘Liniar’ is one of the markets leaders when it comes to thermal performances, surpassing building regulation part L requirements by some way. 

The systems advanced design to BS EN 12608 ensures the highest quality through the series of design innovations.

Our standard window is a very high performing 'A' rating. Contact us for more information 
and technical data

Our standard window is a very high performing 'C' rating. You can upgrade to an 'A' rated window for a small additional amount. Contact us for more information
and technical data

energy-diagram-b.jpgSUPERIOR WEATHER SEALING

Co extruded weather seals ensure maximum air and water tightness and prevent heat being lost easily through draughts.


‘Liniar’ windows and doors feature four or five chamber profiles, increasing the honeycomb effect of the frame to reduce thermal conductivity.


The construction of the glass within the window has significant bearing on is its performance. Heat loss is denoted by the ‘U’ value, the greater the ‘U’ value the greater the heat loss. 
For instance single glass has a ‘U’ value of 5.6 and a double glazed unit with normal clear float has the ‘U’ value of 2.8, thus halving the heat loss. 

A double glazed sealed unit with Pilkington ‘K’ low E glass has a ‘U’ value of 1.9, a further considerable heat loss saving and brings the sealed unit within the current building regulation requirements (as at 01.01.08).

However our standard specification exceeds even these figures.

Our softcoat low 'e' glass combined with an argon filled 20mm wide cavity offers a very high performing 'u' value of 1.1. The aluminium spacer bar round the edge of the glass is no longer used as it is a bi source of heat loss, which is replaced with a non metallic ‘warm edge’ spacer bar.

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