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Revolutionary new glass in Ultraframe Conservatories

Nov 27, 2013

Derby Double Glazing now use a revolutionary new glass in our Ultraframe conservatory roof system, In fact it almost sounds too good to be true!

You can throw away the bucket, soap and chamois for good. This glass has a permanent invisible microscopically thin coating on the external surface which, in combination with sunlight, breaks down and loosens the filth on the glass, when it next rains, (so we shouldn't have to wait too long!) the rainwater 'rinses' the dirt off the glass . So your conservatory roof stays beautifully clean on it's own! It does not end there! this glass also goes a long way to keeping our conservatories cool in the summer and combined with a softcoat low E inner pane and argon filled keeps us warm in the winter.

On hearing all this, we began to suspect it may be April 1st! but no, it's all true! The outer pane comes in a subtle green, subtle blue and a neutral colour option. The solar heat reflection figures are astounding, 78% for the green, 67% for the blue and 71% for the neutral. Combine this glass with a roofvent, providing additional ventilation.

Now what about winter? whichever colour you opt for, we combine it with an inner pane of softcoat low E glass, argon fill the cavity and incorporate a warm edge spacer bar as standard, instead of the normal aluminium spacer bar, this prevents heat loss around the edge of the glass.

This now gives us a glass U Value of 1.0, when you consider single glass has a U Value of around 6.0 and a normal double glazed unit around 3.0, we are talking of a considerable reduction in heat loss. Too hot in the summer, Too cold in the winter?? We do not want to hear that ever again!!

To find out more, why not call and see for yourself at our showroom? 

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