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casement-sash-window-thumb.jpgCASEMENT WINDOWS WITH DUMMY SASH

Now available in a range of exciting new colours Side opening light, top opening light and fixed panels in many combinations to provide you with a style to complement your house and comply with all ventilation and safety requirements. 

Traditional style houses or cottage style houses often do not look quite right with the normal uPVC windows, resulting in unequal sized panes of glass and staggered glass sight lines unlike the original windows. Dummy sashed windows ensure equal sight lines and glass sizes, especially important with Georgian panes or leaded glass and coloured fanlight.

Your new windows will provide you with maximum security, locking handles throughout, multipoint locking espagnolettes with shootbolts are fitted as standard. All our hardware has been tested to the ‘Secure By Design’ police approve specification. Anti jemmy hinge claws and internal glazing as standard. Our windows surpass all the latest BS security testing's ensuring peace of mind at all times. 

Ventilation is also very important. Every window has a night vent setting so windows can be left slightly open with all locks engaging, trickle vents can also be fitted (especially important in humid areas) all helping to keep condensation at bay.

Double seal ensures total draught free windows when closed. Multi chamber (4 or 5 chambers) uPVC sections for maximum frame insulation. Soft coat Low E glass ,argon filled cavities and warm edge spacer bar as standard giving the lowest possible heat loss figures - well exceeding current Building Regulation requirements. ‘A’ rated windows as standard.

Why Should You Choose Our Windows?

  • - Vastly reduce heat loss
  • - Eliminates cold spots
  • - Eliminates draughts
  • - Increased comfort
  • - Significantly reduce condensation
  • - Reduced heating and energy bills
  • - Reduced carbon emissions
  • - Eliminates painting / maintenance

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